AXA Climate School

At the end of this course, your views on this planet will never be the same.

PARIMA Members have complimentary access to the AXA Climate School, which will help you discover the impacts of global environmental changes — such as overexploitation of natural resources, rapid climate change and the collapse of biodiversity —  on humankind, society and economies. It aims to help businesses and employees understand and take action to prepare for current and projected climate risks and opportunities. 

Train your employees to undertake the sustainable transformation of their jobs

Watch this 2-minute trailer to learn more about what the AXA Climate School covers..

How to access the AXA Climate School

AXA Climate will be providing life-time access to the first ten employees from each company free of charge.

1. Download the app or access directly from the web.

2. Click on “create an account”. Please use your professional email and inviteparima as invite code.

3. Set up your password and confirm.

4. Well done! You are now registered to the AXA Climate School.

An exclusive digital learning programme, fully intregrated in your learning tools, built around two journeys:
Understand the ripple effects between climate change, natural resources, biodiversity and human societies.

6 courses built around 40 short videos and quizzes
Roadmap to act and adapt to all job roles in the context of sustainable transformation.

10 courses each focusing on a role (IT, HR, purchasing, finance, legal etc), built around 50 short videos and quizzes.

AXA Climate's Three North stars

Employees First

76% of employees are ready to take action at work on climate change. Building on this energy, we drive the sustainable transformation from the inside.

Understand Complexity

Environment is a systemic matter with ripple and butterfly effects. Building on our cross-disciplinary expertise, we bring together science and business impacts.

Take Action Now

Sustainable transformation is already impacting all jobs, across departments. Job role after job role, we built concrete tools to help employees adapt their skills.

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