The PA-CRP Certification Programme is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and practical application of risk management. Risk Managers will develop skills that is needed to approach responsibilities with confidence.

Why is Certification important?

Earn Credibility & Respect

Demonstrate competence in risk management by having a certificate that recognizes your expertise

Show Professional Commitment

Recognizes your personal commitment towards the development of risk management as a profession

Evidence High Standards

Being a certified risk professional is a measurable way to show a high degree of standards in your risk practices.

Who is it for?

The PA-CRP is designed for those:
Step 1

Read program description and eligibility criteria to view important information that will help you be a successful candidate.

Step 2

Submit your application online with all required documentation

Step 3

Successful applicants will receive username and password to their online learning portal where they can download study materials and practice questions

Step 4

Choose an examination date, prepare for it and take the 2-hour online examination consisting of 125 multiple choice questions.

Step 2

Upon passing, successful candidates will receive their certification card and acknowledged as a PA-CRP holder!

What does the PA-CRP cover?

Five modules have been selected to ensure the topics covered in PA-CRP represents the professional knowledge and competences required by risk and insurance managers in today’s dynamic and complex world.

Module 1
Introduction to
Risk Management

Introduction To Risk Management

This module covers the theory, concepts and process of Risk Management.
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Module 2
Integrated Risk

Integrated Risk Management

Aims to develop knowledge and skills in integrating risk management across the whole organisation.
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Module 3
Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management

Designed to assist a line or operational manager in managing the organisation’s operational risks.
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Module 4
Risk Treatment & Financing Practices

Risk Treatment & Financing Practices

This is designed to examine risk treatment & financing issues and understand related processes.
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Module 5
Risk Management
Framework & Documentation

Risk Management Framework and Documentation

This module covers the advanced application of risk management principles & practices.
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Firstly, kindly review the Eligibility & Requirements for the PA-CRP before submitting your application form and all required documentation. Once approved,  you will receive the log-ins to the study portal and settle the fee from there. Approved candidates must send their Exam Supervisor’s details to access the study materials.


The examination would last for 2 hours. You will be notified of your exam results in the following week. Hard-copy certificates will be couriered to the now Certified Risk Professionals. You can prepare for the examination using the study materials provided and practice exams. If available, you may also join the PA-CRP Training.


In order to retain their certification, PA-CRP titleholders must renew their CPD to ensure that the PA-CRP –designated Risk Professional stay updated on the latest trends and strategies. The PA-CRP employs a points system to qualify for the CPD, where the PA-CRP must accomplish 25 CPD points in a period of 2 years.


The PA-CRP Programme is a collaboration between PARIMA, an organization built by well-experienced risk professionals and experts, and ANZIIF, a non-profit professional development organisation providing insurance and finance education and training since 1884. It reflects the aims of PARIMA to establish a leading standard of education and validation in the Risk Management profession in APAC.


The PA-CRP is created by risk professionals in Asia Pacific for the risks relevant to this region. We use Asia Pacific case studies and the syllabus is crafted based on what risk managers in the region are most concerned with.


The syllabus comprises a holistic range of risk management activities that goes beyond ERM. It also touches on risk financing and risk treatment. We believe that the syllabus encompasses what the risk managers of today need to be equipped with.


PA-CRP comes with online training courses for each of the five modules, should the candidate wish to practice. We ensure that you will be equipped with the tools and training needed to successfully complete the PA-CRP.

Apply for the PA-CRP today and be a Certified Risk Professional!