The PA-CRP Programme is a collaboration between PARIMA, an organization built by well-experienced risk professionals and experts, and ANZIIF, a non-profit professional development organisation providing insurance and finance education and training since 1884. As such, we assure you that what we offer through the PA-CRP program are proven and tested strategies used by effective risk management professionals, not to mention the ways we make it easy for busy professionals to add to their schedules a continuing professional education through our student support services


Other than that, the PA-CRP is:


PA-CRP is created by risk professionals in APAC for risks relevant to this region. The syllabus is crafted based on top concerns for risk managers in the region and uses APAC case studies.


The syllabus comprises a holistic range of risk management activities that goes beyond ERM. We believe that the syllabus encompasses what the risk managers of today need to be equipped with.


PA-CRP comes with online training materials for each of the five modules. We ensure that you will be equipped with the tools and training needed to successfully complete the PA-CRP.

The Organisations Behind PA-CRP

PARIMA is the Pan-Asia Risk and Insurance Management Association. It is a not for profit professional association dedicated to develop risk management as a profession and provide a platform for Risk & Insurance managers to connect. PARIMA continually seeks to develop education opportunities for Risk Managers across the Asia-Pacific region. Through the PA-CRP Programme, PARIMA aims to strengthen and enhance the culture of risk management in the region and help Risk Managers match global standards and compete internationally.


The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance is the leading membership, education, training and professional development organisation for the insurance and finance industry in the Asia-Pacific region. In its collaboration with PARIMA, ANZIIF will provide essential training for Risk Managers to take their knowledge and skills in Risk Management to the next level and reinforce their company’s and individual credentials. Established in 1884, ANZIIF works with members in 50 countries and has offices in Australia, New Zealand & China.

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