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Looking Through The Blind Spots Of Intermediary RelationshipS

4 November

Kuala Lumpur


A Risk Manager only forum where Risk Managers share on how they manage their 3rd party relationships with service providers. As risk managers, managing our relationships with service providers such as consultants, insurers, brokers, loss valuators etc. are a vital part of our business model framework. When a crisis comes, we rely heavily on them to minimise the pains that come with the issue. In this closed door, risk managers only masterclass, we will discuss the challenges of managing 3rd party relationships, with senior risk managers sharing their experiences on what works for them and their lessons learnt. Through an interactive host-to-audience discussion, this workshop is designed to help risk managers have a better understanding on how to better manager 3rd party relationships and potential conflicts of interest.

Speakers / Moderators

Kelvin Wu

Group Assistant General Manager, Risk Management and Insurance
International SOS


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