Shoichi Okunuki

Project General Manager
Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management

Shoichi Okunuki joined Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 1994, where he has managed corporate risk of Toyota Group and Toyota Tsusho for 25 years. Mainly engaged in insurance program management, loss of claim management, loss control activities regarding company assets, logistics and corporate liability and so on. He also handles global insurance program of overseas entities for Toyota group from 2004.

He has launched group captive company in Micronesia in 2010, providing functions that allow group companies to more easily transfer their risk. After 2011, he has been involved in the operation management of corporate and employee risks in a Toyota Tsusho subsidiaries in Cincinnati of USA for 5 years

Currently, he is in the Toyota Tsusho Insurance Department and I am responsible for developing and educating risk management method for the Toyota group.