Ayala’s Head of Sustainability Unit among Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen

Singapore – September 5, 2019 Ayala Corporation Ayala Head of Group Risk Management and Sustainability Unit Maria Victoria Tan was included among Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen, an annual listing of exceptional female sustainability leaders in the region Only 27 women from 11 countries were chosen out of 126 nominations from 20 countries across Asia These “Sustainability Superwomen” were selected by an international jury, who reviewed nominees’ contributions in leading change through sustainability strategies and initiatives both within and outside of their organizations Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen is a non-profit project initiated by CSRWorks International, Singapore’s most trusted name in sustainability consulting, training and thought leadership
Among her other ac.complishments in the Ayala group, Tan was instrumental in formulating the Ayala Sustainability Blueprint that was launch in April 2019 The blueprint is a long-term, group-wide plan specifically designed to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs by 2030 It enables Ayala to tangibly contribute to areas where its businesses can generate the most significant and lasting impact Ultimately, it aims to bridge the Filipino to 2030, where Ayala sees him rooted in a safe, secure, sustainable, inclusive, and progressive country
“At Ayala, it is necessary for our .companies to be sensitive to the needs of our .communities, which helps us determine our business models and methods and work toward our sustainability goals… This drive for sustainability is meant to ensure that Ayala’s businesses not only create value but leave a meaningful impact in the .communities where we serve,” said Ayala CFO and Chief Sustainability Officer Jose Teodoro K Limcaoco taken from FTSE press release
The 2019 List was announced by Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI CEO Tim Mohin, and Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir, GRI’s Chief of Network Engagement and Regional Implementation Officer, who were Guests of Honor at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit’s networking cocktail reception in Singapore They presented Superwoman Certificates as a mark of honor to the Sustainability Superwomen attending the event
Rajesh Chhabara, managing director of CSRWorks International, said, “We’re delighted to see Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen go from strength to strength These women have led the way on sustainability and diversity throughout Asia We hope that by celebrating their numerous achievements we will inspire more women to be.come future sustainability leaders”
Sustainability continues to shape the Ayala group, which first formally aligned its businesses with the UN SDGs in 2016, and became a founding member of the UN Global Compact Network Philippines in 2017 It also became the first Philippine member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2019

Ayala’s Head of Sustainability Unit Maria Victoria Tan was honored as one of Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen in Singapore on September 5, 2019 Twenty-seven women from 11 countries were chosen to receive this honor by CSRWorks International, Singapore’s most trusted name in sustainability consulting, training and thought leadership

L-R Tim Mohin, Chief Executive, Global Reporting Initiative GRI
VICKIE TAN, Sustainability Superwoman 2019, Group Head, Enterprise Risk Management and Sustainability, Ayala Corp
Asthildur Hjaltadottir, Director Regions and Programs Implementation, Global Reporting Initiative GRI
Rajesh Chhabara, Managing Director, CSRWorks International