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COVID-19 - Gain direct insight into return-to-work strategies

28 September



Are you putting plans in place to get your teams back to the office? Are your employees ready for the change?

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant billions of people around the world have had to adapt, very quickly, to radically different social and working patterns. Whether employees are finding these new patterns and habits to be a positive or negative experience, this is still a big change and coping with it takes resilience. If you are planning to reopen your office, that’s another big adjustment! It’s worth considering how organisations can help employees face and manage the huge pressures that can come with it.

PARIMA is collaborating with MetLife Australia on the topic of gaining direct insight into return-to-work strategies. MetLife Australia conducted research in March, May and September of this year, looking at the impact of COVID-19 on health (both mental and physical), financial wellness & returning to work, and will share the key findings from the research and more in this Dynamic Huddles.

The session will explore:

  1. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
  2. People’s assessment of their own health and wellbeing
  3. How employees rated their employer’s response to COVID-19
  4. How to support employees transitioning through COVID-19

Speakers / Moderators

André Purtell

Head of Research and Insights
MetLife Australia

Mark Raberger

Head of Health
MetLife Australia
Franck Baron

Franck Baron

Group Deputy Director,
Risk Management & Insurance

International SOS