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Facility Management During COVID-19 - Diamond Princess Case Study

1 June



As countries come under increasing economic pressure to resume business and with COVID-19 “second waves” starting to occur, how do companies reduce the risk of infection within the workplace. BELFOR will outline some of the risks of COVID-19, precautionary steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 being transmitted in a workplace, and what a proper disinfection looks like after a confirmed COVID-19 case.

BELFOR will also be sharing the case study of Diamond Princess where BELFOR recently completed a level 3 deep clean following a COVID-19 outbreak on the vessel earlier this year. BELFOR globally has been helping companies with COVID-19 disinfections, both precautionary, and after suspected and confirmed cases.

Speakers / Moderators

Guido Gavio

Asia Complex Loss Director

Kelvin Wu

Group Assistant General Manager, Risk Management and Insurance
International SOS

Event Summary

Guido Gavio of BELFOR Asia shared with us the case study of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which had a reported contamination of COVID-19 and deemed fit to sail on 26th March.

Where do you start when you are tasked to disinfect a 18-deck cruise ship in 18 days? BELFOR’s team of 250 specialists covered 1,200,000 square feet total surface area in this project – systematic top-to-bottom wipe-downs, decontaminating HVAC systems, stripping off tonnes of linen, while at the same time following the government’s sanitary regulations and making sure that each employee is safe.

Guido encouraged the audience to be proactive in their approach towards reducing the risk of infection in the workplace, such as regular disinfection of surfaces & items that are prone to contact. In cases where buildings have been decontaminated after a confirmed case, he also advised consulting an industrial hygienist to clear the business of any COVID-19 exposure.

Some questions from the audience: How can we help manage the morale of our teams in these worrying circumstances? How can we manage areas requiring disinfection that have sensitive components?

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