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Integrating ESG into Portfolios and Services

8 June



The session will cover how Allianz integrates ESG into its business, with a focus on the P&C side. We will illustrate both how we are increasingly incorporating ESG assessment as a central risk perspective of our UW process, but also from a brisk consulting perspective and how we partner with corporations to help identify and mitigate ESG risk.

Speakers / Moderators

Christopher Bonnet

Head of ESG Business Services
Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality

Victoria Tan

Head, Group Risk Management and Sustainability Unit
Ayala Corporation

Key Takeaways

Christopher Bonnet of Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality, along with PARIMA Board Member Victoria Tan as moderator shared with the audience how risk managers can adapt AGCS’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy in their organisations.

The speaker mentioned how ESG should be given equal attention as with other parts of the risk management agenda, the importance of data & expert analysis to obtain a reliable assessment on the state of the organisation’s ESG efforts and proactive dialogue with clients & partners for collaborative action in mitigating ESG risk.

Bonnet presented actual case studies on how two seemingly similar cases in reality presented varying levels of risk and how putting emphasis into ESG helped an organisation improve its efforts. Tan also shared how Ayala Corporation’s current ESG strategy developed from being a part of their CSR to having its own framework that is embedded in the business model.

Some questions raised by the audience: What can risk managers do to get under the surface when a lot has been spent on marketing cover up or  ‘greenwashing’ the risks? What can players in Asia do to improve their ESG agenda one step at a time?

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