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IP Matters: Selling a $2bn company: Case Study

20 July



How does a start-up that couldn’t raise its initial funding needs, get valued for over US2bn within a few years? How do organisations haemorrhaging cash maintain their valuations? How does a company valued at 4x EBITA get sold for over 30x? 

In this session we will discuss the critical nature of intangible assets and how they are already the most critical and valuable of all corporate assets. This will be an interactive session illustrating how times have changed, the current state of play and what is the direction for the future and the impact this will inevitably have. Think practical real world examples rather than legalistic jargon and a true what-it-means-for-you approach.

Speaker / Moderator

Mark Waters

Legal Expenses Underwriter
Antares Underwriting Asia

Steve Tunstall

General Secretary

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