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C-Suites Perspectives: How To Navigate Through An Era Of Uncertainty

27 APR



As the world confronts the challenges of COVID-19, organisations are struggling with the multi-dimensional set of risks it has unleashed. These are challenging times for everyone, including risk managers, whose responsibilities and skills are more crucial than ever as a result of the pandemic.

In this current situation, most organisations are prioritising the health and safety of their employees, whilst, looking to adopt strategies that support business continuity and provide the agility required to navigate through a historically challenging environment.

Hear from Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia, Nor Adila Ismail, CRO at PETRONAS and Franck Baron, Chairman of PARIMA as they share their perspectives on how businesses can navigate through these challenging times.

Speakers / Moderator

Gordon Watson

Chief Executive Officer
AXA Asia

Nor Adila Ismail

Chief Risk Officer

Franck Baron


Stacey Huang

Executive Director

Event Summary

PARIMA together with AXA XL & PETRONAS exchanged their viewpoints on their priorities, challenges and expectations of the foreseeable future.

The panel discussed how they are currently balancing their priorities: their people and the business. Each highlighted the human factor of this event, how the pandemic changed the way we work and the adjustments that go with it, the mental and emotional toll that it takes, making employees feel secure upon their return to their offices, and the increased demand in digital learning. That being said, there’s also the need to sustain the business’ activities in order to take care of their people and making the right decisions despite the fast-paced flow of information.

To close of a session with a piece of advice from each for risk managers, the panel encouraged the audience to brace, not for impact, but for turbulent times. They also expressed that traditional methods must be replaced by new risk solutions and reminded the audience that better days are coming; instead of just waiting for it, and to make the best of what we can do today.

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