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Post COVID-19: The Future of Risk




Join us for an interactive risk manager only session, where we have invited PARIMA members to share about their roles as Risk Managers in the different industries impacted by COVID-19, and what the future of COVID-19 holds for them.

Hear from risk managers on :

  • Their roles played in this crisis
  • Involvement in strategy setting
  • Future winners and losers post crisis

Speakers / Moderators

Suchitra Narayanan

SVP Enterprise Risk
Lazada Group

Saurabh Verma

Senior Vice President, Chief Insurance
Reliance Industries Ltd

Steve Tunstall

General Secretary

Event Summary

In this Dynamic Huddle, we saw the panelists’ take on the social, mental and digital factor of the pandemic and how they are considering these aspects in their organisations’ risk management efforts.

Here are some key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Risk managers express that in face of challenges brought about by the pandemic, they witness the solidarity of the people in their own organisations coming together to prepare for its effects.
  • Despite the remarkable work being done, many would likely agree that there are consequences that have not been thought through and that we have yet to see the full effects of COVID-19.
  • Organisations should also take action against the impact of the current situation on their employees’ mental health.
  • This crisis could be a trigger for organisations to rethink their supply chain strategies.
  • As for the social effects of the pandemic, we see heightened traffic on digital platforms for day-to-day activities; however it is instinctive for people to go back to physical/traditional platforms.
  • On the silver lining, this is a unique opportunity for risk managers to demonstrate the importance of our roles.

Some thought-provoking questions raised:

  • Will this crisis open the doors for risk managers to be more involved in their organisation’s strategic planning and decision-making?
  • Does this accelerate the move to digitalisation?

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