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Risks within the Healthcare Industry




As Chief Risk Officers of medical companies and medical institutions, Keith and Jason are in a unique situation in the midst of a pandemic situation. For healthcare companies, a pandemic translates into a spike of business activity, whilst necessarily increasing the risk exposures of their staff and operations.

Some key questions that we will like to explore with them include:

  • How do they strike the balance between being the need for rapid responses at the frontline of the pandemic response whilst ensuring the safety of the their staff and operations?
  • How are their respective organisations coordinating their responses with the actions of the relevant government / regulatory authorities?
  • How to prioritise between business objectives (profit margins, growth), versus the unique roles and responsibilities that healthcare companies (be it public or private) play in the wider economy / society?
  • What are the unique risk management considerations that healthcare companies face in a situation like this?

Speakers / Moderators

Jason Brasileño 

VP & Chief Risk Officer
St. Luke’s Medical Center

Keith Xia

Chief Risk Officer
Meinian Onehealth Healthcare

Franck Baron


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