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Standards, Norms, Privacy & insurance to Manage Risk in the Post-COVID World

28 MAY



As restrictions are incrementally lifted around the world, companies need robust SOPs to manage the significant ongoing risks of the return-to-work for their staff and businesses. Although medical science, government policy and best practices continue to evolve, standards, norms, privacy and insurance to manage risk are already being pioneered to apply existing and future ‘compliance standards’.

Join us for an interactive webinar and Q&A to hear ground-breaking case studies on how different jurisdictions, multilateral organisations and companies are approaching the development of common standards, systems and processes to underpin next-generation insurance products and a risk-mitigated resumption of economic activity in a post-COVID-19 world.

Speakers / Moderators

Jonathan Rake

CEO Asia Pacific
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Andrew Minnitt

CEO Singapore

Chester Drum M.D., Ph.D

Co-Founder, AOKpass
Asst. Professor, NUS
Consultant Cardiologist, NUH

Dorjee Sun

Co-Founder, AOKpass 
CEO, Perlin

Steve Tunstall

General Secretary

Event Summary

During the discussion, the panel reiterated how the most obvious risk is people. Closer conversations between CROs, CFOs, CHROs and CEOs is required to deal with a disjointed work force. COVID-19 has shown us the gaps we have with the people-risk angle and we need to move from reacting to being prepared and address the softer issue when addressing return to work. Leadership and culture will see some shifts and there are a lot of learnings on these front. The common battleground has corralled us all.

Meanwhile, the insurance industry is less impacted by revenue downturn and supply chain disruption. Government intervention has shined a light on risk practices and see opportunities for the industry to step forward. Some questions raised from the audience: Do companies have liability to their employees if their employees get infected when they return to the workplace? On supply chain risk, do we expect suppliers’ extension clause trigger due to the impact of COVID-19 lock down?

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