Loss in brand equity, data theft, and lack of technological innovation, named top three risks

During a live poll at StrategicRISK’s risk and digital revolution, risk managers mapped out the effectiveness of risk controls in managing the biggest threats for business across the Asia-Pacific region
Loss in brand equity and reputation damage, data theft and lack of technological innovation were ranked as the top three risks by Asia-Pacific risk managers, during a live poll at StrategicRISK’s Risk and digital revolution event, held in partnership with Zurich
More than 50 senior risk managers gathered in Singapore to take part in the in the peer-to-peer workshop and cyber scenario ‘hackathon’ – an interactive role-play on how to use data to inform decision-making
Gordon Song, PARIMA board member, kicked-off the event with a presentation tracking how the digital revolution is transforming today’s risk landscape
His presentation highlighted people risks, cyber threats and reputational damage as the most prominent risks in today’s digital era – further exacerbated by interconnected risks linked to privacy, regulation, trust, social media
Unsurprisingly, these risks correlate with the results of live poll During the event, risk managers were asked to select the top three risks which concerned them most
Source: https://www.strategicrisk-asiapacific.com/latest-updates/loss-in-brand-equity-data-theft-and-lack-of-technological-innovation-named-top-three-risks/1428541article