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Sompo International is driven by its core values and a commitment to create collaborative, productive and long-lasting relationships with our broker partners, our clients and each other. Our focus is on expansion, sustainable growth and providing excellent customer service. Sompo International has an impressive growth trajectory fueled through acquisition and organic growth, and we are always working to find a solution for our clients. We offer a diversified mix of 30 products and services globally while remaining disciplined in managing our risk exposures.

We’re committed to improving and trying to make things better for everyone. At Sompo International we appreciate that ESG issues need to be taken seriously. We aim to create a consciously profitable organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders. We know that our success comes from our people. We value diversity in all its forms and strive to create an environment where everyone from any background can belong and do their best work. Driven in partnership with our Sompo International Inclusive Diversity Council, we have taken meaningful steps to build a solid foundation that will lead to a truly inclusive organisation.

Shinya Ooshima

Business Development Group

Commercial Business Planning and Development Department