Tsutomu Yamanishi

Tsutomu Yamanishi

Project General Manager, Insurance Management Department, Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Tsutomu Yamanishi joined Tomen Corporation (now Toyota Tsusho Corporation) in 1997 upon earning a degree in Industrial Chemistry from Kyoto University.

After that, he was first assigned to the sales department, where he engaged in import / export, trilateral trade and domestic deals of bedding and interior products. His experience in this area is the basis of his current axis for business judgements.

Ten years after, he was transferred to the Planning Department of Consumer Products and Services Division (now Food and Consumer Services Division). He was the management staff of the Division officer who is also the Executive Officer of the headquarters and was in charge of the formulation of the medium-term management plan & division strategy and the progress confirmation of the single-year plan.

In 2013, he was transferred to the Human Resources Department of the headquarters and engaged in the design, operation and revision of the personnel system. Three years later, he became the manager of the secretarial department and in 2020, was assigned to the Insurance Department.