Let’s Talk: Mental Health Challenges in Asia

11 August

Asia Pacific

Competency Skills


Poor mental health is one of the biggest challenges in Asia Pacific – more so now than ever before. And yet, stigma around this issue is still prevalent in the region – suffering mental health problems are seen to bring a ‘disgrace’ to the family, which is one of the most common reasons why mental health services aren’t used effectively.

However, it seems that the mentality is changing. For the first time, MAXIS GBN’s claims analysis shows mental health claims in Taiwan and Thailand. Is the stigma slowly beginning to fade? And if so, can early mental health intervention and rehabilitation support drive a better return to health for employees? Does this, in turn, benefit employers?

Juliet Kwek, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, at MAXIS GBN will be joined by Tom Rogacki, Head of Corporate Distribution and Melissa Colonna, Senior Manager, Strategy and Recovery, both from MetLife Australia to discuss this all-important topic at PARIMA Dynamic Huddles on Thursday 11 August at 10am (Singapore time).



Juliet Kwek
Juliet Kwek

Regional Director, Asia Pacific


Tom Rogacki
Tom Rogacki

Head of Corporate Distribution

MetLife Australia

Jamie Vickers
Jamie Vickers

Director, Australia and New Zealand

Teladoc Health

Sandy Tay
Sandy Tay

Director, Human Resources

National University Health System

Board Member