Business Knowledge is the understanding of an organisation’s activities, components and operations that is needed to derive actionable and practical risk insights to achieve strategic goals.
"Risk Managers need to be relevant to be all parts of the business and take an active interest in things beyond the traditional risks. It is necessary for us to gather business intelligence to identify the current and future risk profile of the company"
Gordon Song
Senior VP, Head of Group Risk & Internal Audit, Lazada


Financial Literacy

Applies understanding of financial concepts, tools and methodologies to ensure optimal risk mitigation, enabling informed and commercially sound decisions. Able to assess, evaluate and recommend tools and methodologies to mitigate risk with financial implications.

Project Management

Ability to integrate all aspects of a project, ensuring proper knowledge and resources are available when and where needed and, most importantly, ensuring that the expected outcome is produced in a timely, cost-effective and quality controlled manner.

Business Administration

The understanding of how a business operates; its key functions and knows what an effective operational model and business structure looks like. Evaluates internal business environment, its culture and operational model and uses this understanding to align approach for business improvement.

Audit & Internal Control

Being able to identify and manage potential internal and external threats which can impact the physical safety of staff, customers and property.

Legal & Compliance

Understands and applies required legal and regulatory standards relevant to work. Understands the business implications and impact of not adhering to these.

Digital Fluency

This refers to the process of understanding the IT environment and understanding the interrelationships between the various components and systems, including the workflow of data through the systems. The ability to understand and leverage on new and improved digital technologies to achieve desired outcomes.