Relationship Management is the ability to manage internal and external interactions to provide risk-related services and support the needs of the organisation.
"Even though it seems like our job is to only provide the risk management process and framework to the organization, it actually goes beyond that. It is our job to ensure that the organization gets a grip of what our risks are, how we evaluate them, and that we have the capability to manage the risks. It is also our job to foster a robust risk culture across the organization by communicating, consulting, and cascading matters related to risk management in order to provide and obtain risk management information and to engage in risk dialogue with stakeholders, from the Board level to the lower levels of the organization."
Jason Brasileno
Head of Risk Management – APAC


Financial Literacy

Applies understanding of financial concepts, tools and methodologies to ensure optimal risk mitigation, enabling informed and commercially sound decisions. Able to assess, evaluate and recommend tools and methodologies to mitigate risk with financial implications.

Project Management

This is the ability to deepen relationships and cross-functional partnerships through demonstrated integrity to create value for the business.


This refers to the process of articulating and aligning the organisation’s general sense of identity and direction whilst working with and through stakeholder groups to achieve a desired outcome. Ability to direct and contribute to initiative and processes.