Risk Technical Skills are the functional knowledge of risk principles, practices, tactics, tools and processes across the various specialisation areas.
"Enterprise Risk Management needs to become more important in boardrooms in future"
Enterprise Risk Manager


Enterprise Risk Management

The capability to design and implement an integrated risk management framework within an organisation as well as manage the end to end process of risk identification, risk assessment and risk treatment.

Risk Financing & Insurance

Understand the methods and options available, which includes but is not limited to insurance, for the funding of the financial consequences of risks, and the ability to manage and design the implementation process.

Business Continuity And Crisis Management

The ability to design, implement and maintain a management system which builds the organisation’s capacity to deal with unforeseen events, and protects the organisation and helps them to manage and recover from disruptive incidents.

Security, Health & Safety

Being able to identify and manage potential internal and external threats which can impact the physical safety of staff, customers and property.


The ability to dentify sustainability megatrends such as climate change, social migration etc. and be able to integrate the same in the risk management process to improve decision making.

Risk Professionalism & Ethics

The ability to integrate core values, integrity, and accountability throughout all organisational and business practices.