Learning Agility is about keeping abreast of new developments, promoting knowledge management and risk culture, while being innovative and open to new ideas and approaches.
"You probably also need to be constantly searching for new sources of information, and constantly being creative in the way you think about the challenges that you face within the organisation, and constantly having a childish curiosity about what’s coming down the track and how fast it’s coming. And some of those things in technology are particularly exciting at the moment."
Maxwell Davis
Enterprise Risk Manager – APAC, Rolls-Royce


Environmental Radar

This is the process of understanding, interpreting and visualising the impact of external factors on the organisation such as market/industry trends, geographic trends, cultural needs, stakeholders and consumers.

Active Learning

Constantly seeking to deepen understanding and expand knowledge to provide sharper insights and ideas. Demonstrates curiosity, seeks opportunities to learn and improve from past and new experiences


  • Open mindedness to new possibilities and flexibility in finding solutions
  • Having intellectual confidence to challenge the status quo
  • Embrace creativity and innovation